Issuing a card is easy. Issue unlimited virtual and physical cards

Use cards for managing Subscriptions, Procure-to-Pay, and Purchase Order requests. Overall expenses like fuel, food, or refunds

Still, managing expenses on sheets? Tracking expenses and matching invoices must be a headache for you

Issue Physical or virtual cards

Manage your SaaS subscriptions or one-time payments

You can quickly load funds into cards, block or unload the cards and check where they made the payment. Tracking expenses is elementary, with cards issued on kilope. With easy Procure-to-Pay, employees can make payments without any hassle

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Credit cards on the go.

Kilope provides you with a range of credit cards

Credit can also be used the same way as prepaid cards. Use credit cards to make payments across merchants and track the expenses

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*as per RBI guidelines all PPI cards issued on our platform are free from debt and issued by RBI-approved issuers only* *cobranded or mono branded cards are issued by our banking partners* *all transactions happen through our banking channel with all due compliances as per RBI guidelines*

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